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Suffolk Glass Handmade Yard & Half Yard Glasses

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Ferrari F1 In Decanter or Bottle

Ornamental & Artistic Glassware...

Alongside our technical specialists are our glassware artisans and designers who, with enormous skill and precision create beautiful works of art in glass. From crystal glass decorations to delightfully dainty ornaments, our designers have turned their talents towards creating a myriad of beautiful pieces.

For many years Suffolk Glass have been creating the most exquisite and beautiful soda glass flowers for the collectors market that over the years has developed into somewhat of a following! Our vast ‘glasshouse flower collection^ is enough to make any botanical garden envious and our designers take special care to ensure each species are represented in vibrant colours as close to natures own as we can. However for those who prefer

Lastly is our excellent range of glass Oil Lamps and Lanterns, traditional and functional at the time. And for our ‘Ale^ drinking customers try our wonderful Yard and Half Yard Glasses both handmade in Great Britain.