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Outside Light Shade

Vintage Restoration Glassware

Unfortunately accidents do happen even to the best of us. And if you have a mishap with another persons possession either in a business or individual capacity, well, you want to put it right as best you can. Sometimes items that may be of sentimental value or sometimes part of a set cannot be mended but at Suffolk Glass, we can at least see what we can do to replicate a broken or missing item that is beyond repair.

Our skilled technicians may be able to create duplicates and replicas of old glassware items that have either been broken or are indeed completely missing altogether! From Victorian lamp shades to oil lamp covers to old barometer glass, taxidermy domes and advertising globes. We are only limited by your imagination.

These replicas and replacements are not necessarily as expensive as you might think, so to start simply give us a call or email us with a picture or two (or even a hand drawn sketch is often good enough to start with) along with dimensions and we^ll give you an idea of cost and feasibility.