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  Oil Candles Instructions

Oil Candles Instructions

Directions for use:

Oil Candles

1. Fill candles up to the maximum of 1/2 full using plastic funnel.


2. Place wick carefully in oil chamber. The fibre wick is set at our workshop 1mm below the top of the wick holder and should not be adjusted.


3. Leave candle for approximately 10 minutes to allow the oil to be absorbed up the fibre glass wick.


4. If cold oil is used in a warm room, it may force oil through the top of the wick. Remove the wick briefly, until the oil has reached a similar temperature to the room.


5. Do not touch the wick holder once it has been light as it will become extremely hot. Allow 5-10 minutes to cool, before touching wick, or filling the oil candle.


6. Should your oil candle become damaged, chipped or cracked - DO NOT USE

Hollow Stemmed Oil Candles

1. With the funnel supplied, fill hollow stemmed oil candle with water to the bottom of chamber. Do not over fill with water as this will be absorbed up the fibre glass wick.


Then follow instructions above for filling with oil.


When the oil is poured on top of the water, it will settle and sit on top of the water.


Insert the wick and make sure the bottom sits at the same level as the oil, and it doesn't touch the water.


If your wick does absorb water, simple remove and allow to dry.







When not using you candle empty both oil and water contents, wash with water and leave to drain.

Always place your candle in a safe, draft free position so that it may not be accidentally knocked over



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